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Name: Kimber Benton.
From: Jem.
Appearance: glamor and glitter etc.
Age: 19, or thereabouts.
Gender: Female.
Personality: Kimber has never been the quiet one. Ever. She always has something to say, and she isn't afraid of saying it, especially if it's something that she has strong convictions over. Arguing is something of a specialty with her - she has a tendency to think that she's always right. Kimber has a very good sense of right and wrong - and an idea of when she's being lied to or led on. It's instinctive, and she's very outspoken about those instincts. That's not to say that Kimber doesn't have a filter; she just isn't afraid to speak her mind. She's defiant, she's rebellious. She's stubborn. She's your typical redheaded spitfire.

It becomes worse when she's angry. If you thought she was loudmouthed before, think again, because there's no stopping her when she's upset. She is most definitely not afraid to tell off the ones who she thinks are responsible for her anger, sometimes resorting to drastic measures (for instance, she completely walked out on the Holograms. Twice). The biggest way to set her off? Make her jealous. Don't show her any appreciation whatsoever. That's one of the most apparent aspects of Kimber's personality, and it has roots all the way back to when Kimber was a small child, growing up in the shadow of Jerrica. Jerrica was clearly the favorite, and when their father died, it was Jerrica who wound up with everything. If there's even a bit of sway that Eric Raymond has over it, it's that he knows how to manipulate her using her envy. He understands how Her jealousy is incredibly deep-seeded, and it isn't anything that she's likely to get over any time soon. Though her mind isn't necessarily on channel show-Jerrica-up, she definitely wants to be respected and taken seriously as her own person. It doesn't work that way when she's still basically a child herself.

However, though she's incredibly jealous and sometimes easily annoyed, Kimber will be the first to admit that she sometimes takes things too personally, and that she can be too invested and overemotional. And that, of course, leads to feelings of guilt. And even though it's sometimes hard for her to admit that she did wrong in the first place, she'll eventually come around and apologize if she truly believes that she is at fault.

And honestly, Kimber's anger track record is rather impressive, considering that she lives and works with four other girls. With her firecracker nature, it's a wonder that she hasn't blown up (no pun intended) or walked out several other times. However, there's a good explanation for this: venting space. Kimber loyally keeps a diary - it's one of the only things that keeps her sane in that house, and she is not shy to unload literally all her feelings into it. She also finds therapy in music in lyrics, and has ever since she was a young girl. Kimber is talented with the guitar, keyboard, and keytar, and also writes the majority of the music for Jem and the Holograms. Her father always thought that she had the strength to overcome anything - and this is her way of proving him right.

It's through this that she manages to keep her issues under the radar and the sweet, funny, outgoing girl emerges. Despite how quick she may be to set off, Kimber isn't angry all the time. In fact, she's usually in a good mood, and almost always willing to help others. She's very excitable, and always up for a good time. Work? What's that? Especially if she doesn't want to do it. Lack of want is a lack of reason. However, this does have a downside: when it comes to making choices about things she wants, Kimber has a problem with saying no. Especially when it comes to boys. Especially when it comes to boys. It's not uncommon for her to be stringing along several at one time, and then there was the time that she accepted a marriage proposal in front of the man that she was supposed to be exclusively dating. So, needless to say, she's always impulsive looking for fun - but that's often the same thing as looking for trouble.

Backstory: Once upon a time, Kimber was Jerrica Benton's little sister.

Okay, well, that's actually all the time. But fair enough.

Kimber was always, always a daddy's girl. Her father owned a record company called Starlight Music while her mother was a singer, and ran a house for foster girls known as Starlight House. Though she had her biological sister in Jerrica, she also gained Shana and Aja through her mother's home. Also - to Kimber's delight - a little girl named Lela. And for once, Kimber wasn't the baby anymore.

Through her father, and especially after her mother's death, Kimber discovered her love of music and took to it instantly. Lyrics became an outlet for her, and she became pretty proficient in quite a few instruments: piano, guitar, drums - you name it, she can probably at least tell you the basics of it.

And then her father passed away. Though he had seen it coming, Kimber, Jerrica, Shana and Aja had absolutely no idea. It was as though the ground was pulled out from under them. On top of it all, Kimber got next to nothing in the inheritance: Jerrica inherited half of Starlight House and Starlight Music; the rest was left to their father's business partner, Eric Raymond.

Pretty soon, it was discovered that the four young women had no idea how to run a house for foster girls, and Eric Raymond was absolutely no help whatsoever, refusing to let Jerrica have any money in favor of promoting his new band, The Misfits and attempting world domination. However, there was also another part that their father hadn't told them: he'd built a supercomputer and hidden it in an abandoned drive-in movie theatre. What was so special about this supercomputer-known-as-Synergy? The fact that it could project holographic images and alter appearances.

Oh, and he also just happened to have a giant closet full of 80s couture, a ridiculous amount of musical instruments, and a car. Just chillin' with Synergy, completely undiscovered for months.

Of course Kimber had the logical idea: put together a rock group.

So, that's what they did. Jem and the Holograms was formed, and they quickly took the world by storm. Quickly as in a matter of days. Because that's actually how the music industry works. But, it wasn't bad for a band that was more or less formed on a whim to get back at a corrupt record producer.

Speaking of Eric Raymond and The Misfits - they didn't exactly take the challenge gracefully. In fact, they were nowhere near graceful about it. Immediately following the Holograms' debut, they apparently dedicated their lives to sabotaging and crashing everything that the Holograms do. Because that is mature and professional - just like arranging and supporting Kimber's several kidnappings. Eric's mantra about the whole thing more or less became, "It's amazing what lawyers can do if you pay them enough."

But that was when he wasn't attempting to seduce Kimber away from the Holograms. He knew exactly how to prey on her insecurities and ego, and if anyone could have convinced her to quit the group, it would have been him. However, Kimber was able to make the "right" decision each and every time he tried, and stayed with her sisters.

At least, until she flounced. In total, she flounced twice, but the big one came when she flounced with a Misfit, Stormer. The two of them kindled an odd friendship - and a hit album. Eventually, however, both girls were drawn back into their respective groups, and the rivalry commenced once more. It was something that Kimber had done to command respect, and to make her own decisions, and it certainly wouldn't be the last.

And neither would that one time that she almost got married. To another man. When she had a boyfriend. Once again, to prove her adulthood (among other things - to have a big party an an exciting lifestyle), Kimber accepted a proposal from an old flame while being attached to another old flame. In fact, they had just made their relationship official the night before. But, to the relief of everyone, her actual boyfriend proposed from the hospital the day of the wedding just to stop Kimber from making a really awful decision.

And then it was revealed that the two people actually getting married didn't want to get married in the first place. And didn't have the good sense to talk that out.

In the end, Kimber and her boyfriend decided to take things slowly - to get married because they wanted to, and not because they felt the need to prove anything.

Which basically just gave Kimber permission to fawn over any boy she wanted to, meaning that she got to stalk a member of the Stingers (another rival band) around a club when they debuted in America. Because some things just never change.
Moral Standing: Overall, Kimber's on the good side. Her heart's in the right place, and she can generally be counted on to do the right thing. However, there's also the fact that she can be easily manipulated - again, just play on the whole jealousy thing. To attempt to gain respect and be taken seriously, she almost joined the "bad girl" band, The Misfits, who are decidedly the opposite of good.
Dreams: Kimber definitely wants to settle down and have a family of her own someday - but right now, she's just too busy for that! What she wants most is definitely some recognition and respect - away from Jerrica/Jem. Some spotlight of her own would be nice. She loves living the high life, and really can't imagine living calmly anymore. If anything, she wants things to go faster. 
Fears: Being overshadowed, being alone, and, oddly enough, having to work too hard. She can't imagine having very little means to live, having grown up rather privileged and having that privilege just increase over time. And, well. She's wound up kidnapped so many times that that's worked its way into her phobias as well.
Extra: Nope!
Character Location: Starlight Mansion!
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Writing Sample: a couple of dear-mun entries!